sweetheart, you'll find mediocre people do exceptional things all the time.
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"I coulda dropped my croissant"



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Name: Carly
Birthday: 3/19

Favorite colors: umm black, purple, green
Lucky number: 12 i suppose
Height: 5’6 ish
Talents: i can sing. i like to think i can write.

Last dream you remember: i was a voice actor in a tim burton movie? which sucks because i don’t like tim burton?
Can you juggle: ha. no.
Art/sports/both: art.

Do you like writing: yes

Do you like dancing: no
Do you like singing: very much


dream vacation: europe. all over europe. i need to go back to europe.

Dream guy/gal: umm. idk. someone i can just hang out with and not have to worry about anything. don’t be a dick, like the stuff i like, don’t complain when i want to stay in a lot.

Dream wedding: if i ever get married i almost guarantee i will elope.

Dream pet: snake. or a miniature pig :3

Dream job: i’d love to be a writer. something where i didn’t have to come into work 9-5 everyday, but still made enough money to live a life style that would allow me to do things worth writing about.

Favorite song: Whistle for the choir by the fratellis
Last song you heard on the radio: don’t really listen to the radio. 


Guys/girls/both: guys
Hair color: not blonde, as a general rule.
Eye color: idc

Humorous/serious: both.
Taller/shorter: taller
Biggest turn-off:  lying. or just being generally disingenuous.
Biggest turn on:  being passionate. just get excited about the things you love. it doesn’t even have to be the things i love. just get excited.

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